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Scholarships and Financial Aid


You may apply to Scholarships during the online application procress to a master's program.

Fondation de l'École Polytechnique

The Foundation of École Polytechnique (FX) has been a major supporter of international development at Ecole Polytechnique for several years. It helps to attract high-level international students in science, to support them during their studies and provide advice for their early career projects.

A few Excellence Scholarships are given to applicants for a Master's program who show exceptional academic records and potential. The Scholarships amount to about €830 per month. Priority is given to students who come for a full 2-year program.

Scholarships on social grounds (about €500 per month) can be given to students who can prove that their financial resources are too limited to allow them to concentrate serenely on their studies. Those scholarships are attributed only to the best applicants and are by no means automatically granted upon admission.

Scholarships are attributed for one academic year and may be renewed once. A substantiated application letter must be sent to the Direction des Programmes Masters. If the applicant is eligible, he or she shall be asked to fill a more detailed form later.

Other scholarships from École Polytechnique

Ecole Polytechnique proper has a small amount of scholarships for highly deserving students (French citizens excluded). They cover part of the living expenses. A substantiated application letter must be downloaded during online application. If the applicant is eligible, he or she shall be asked to fill a more detailed form later.

Other scholarship schemes

Independently from the above-mentioned schemes, applicants are strongly advised to apply for other scholarship schemes. Different schemes are (usually) mutually incompatible. Candidates have to make sure that they would be eligible for a given scheme as future students of an Ecole Polytechnique Master's Program. Choosing which possibility is best suited to their situation is their responsibility. They must keep the Direction des Programmes Masters informed of their final choice of a scholarship.

The French government has set up a number of scholarship schemes. Do ask for information at your local French embassy. Embassies in some countries have specific schemes. You may visit this grant search engine.


Tuition fees: 11000 € Complete 2-year Master's Program

  • Master 1: 6600 €
  • Master 2: 4400 €  (exception for the master Renewable Energy Science & Technology: 12000 €)

Registration fees: 250 €

Scholarships and Financial Aid

You are an International student; You would like to attend to a master’s program in mathematics at Ecole Polytechnique. You might be eligible for the Sophie Germain international master scholarships
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You are from China; You would like to attend to master REST at Ecole Polytechnique.  You might be eligible for the GDF SUEZ scholarship program
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