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    M2 Optics, Matter and Plasmas

    Courses listing

    Each of the three tracks includes a research internship in addition to the courses.

    a) Laser / matter track (professor in charge at École Polytechnique: Antigoni Alexandrou):
    Semester 1:
    • Compulsory courses: Laser physics; Nonlinear electromagnetism and optics; Structure and electronic dynamics: from atom to solid; Laser-atom interaction; Complements in quantum mechanics.
    • Two courses among: Molecular structure characterization by spectroscopy; Statistical approach in molecular systems; Statistical mechanics of systems out of equilibrium; Hot plasma physics.
    Semester 2:
    • Four courses among: Optoelectronics; Quantum physics of complex systems; Entanglement in quantum physics: theory and experiment; Cold collisions, cold molecules; Matter-radiation interaction: cold matter; Ultrashort optical pulse and applications; Subcritical plasma: application to plasma accelerator and harmonics; Overcritical plasma: application to fast ignition; Laser-plasma interaction; X radiation from hot plasmas; The molecule in the universe; Interfaces and nanoreactivity; Photo-induced processes in complex molecular systems.

    b) Optics from science to technology track (professor in charge at École Polytechnique: Marc Châtelet):
    Semester 1:
    • Compulsory courses: Lasers; Nonlinear electromagnetism; Coherent optics; Guidance and coupling of optical waves; Condensed matter physics; Semiconductor detectors and sources; Experimental techniques and experimental work.
    Semester 2:
    • Four courses among: Biophotonics; Optoelectronic components; Electromagnetic components; Electromagnetic diffusion; Extreme optics; Imaging through turbulence; Quantum optics; Display, visualization; Electrooptics, Optoelectronics and Optical Communications; Semiconductor materials for nonlinear optics; Near-field microscopy; Nanophotonics; Thin layer optics; Optics of nanostructured materials.

    c) Plasma physics track (professor in charge at École Polytechnique: Catherine Krafft):
    Semester 1:
    • Compulsory courses: Fluid and kinetic models; Nonlinear phenomena in plasmas; Waves in plasmas; Instabilities in plasmas; Cold plasmas and diagnostics; Modelling and numerical methods for plasmas and fusion.
    Semester 2:
    • Four courses among: Astrophysical plasmas I; Astrophysical plasmas II; Plasmas and environment; Plasmas for micro / nanotechnologies; Ultrahigh intensity lasers; Magnetic thermonuclear fusion; Nonlinear dynamics and structures in plasmas; Laser-plasma interaction.

    Professor in charge

    avatar Catherine Krafft
    > Personnel de recherche


    Ecole Polytechnique, Paris 6, Paris 7, Paris 11, UVSQ, IOGS, ENS ULM, ENS Cachan


    Language of education

    Mostly French, some courses can be taught in English.
    • Languages in MasterPrerequisites and validation requirements

      Compulsory professional English course (end of August - beginning of September) or French as a Foreign Language course before M2 arrivals. More

    Main courses location

    Palaiseau, Orsay, Paris 5e.